Video games, comics, cartoons, illustration, thick lines, and design.

Many people know me as the super nerdy girl in the corner ‘geeking-out' about some video game or the newest anime. In my own way, I took away the stereotypical 'nerd/geek' and made it my greatest strength. The history of my family consists of artists, gamers, musicians and designers.
My passion for design and illustration began to kindle when I first painted my mother’s beautiful white carpet as an infant. From then on everyone knew I was going to be in some sort of creative field. Throughout my public school career, I continued to take as many art classes as possible. It got so hectic; I was taking double art classes by my senior year. 
I was born in Ventura, California, but my mother moved us to San Diego when my sister was born. Street art in San Diego was the most fascinating and inspirational thing I had ever seen. Shoutout to all the Graff Artists in: The Barrio, Chula Vista, North Park, City Heights, and National City! At the age of 17 I decided to to pursue my BA in Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Phoenix, Arizona. While living in the beautifully arid desert of Phoenix, I was lucky enough to work in some of the best Advertising Agencies in the valley, establishing a name for myself within my creative community.
Today I'm living my best life, working in the video games industry, creating weird art, spending my years with the love of my life, and creating wonderfully fun memories with my little Princess Zelda.