These projects are Activision property. I do not own the rights to any of the materials in these projects. The imagery on this page is purely for demonstrative use only
Internal and Externally-partnered stakeholders wanted to Highlight the 50 year celebration of Hip Hop music within the Call of Duty community by showcasing the features of our most prominent and iconic Hip Hop Operator skins – Snoop Dogg, 21 Savage, and Nicki Manaj. 
My Task: Conceptualize original creative for in-game and trailer use. This meant in-game icon art for consumer use and handwritten lyrics posed as graffiti that would appear during the playthrough of the given track – "Bigger Than Hip Hop" by the famous Hip Hop/Rap group, Dead Prez.
Creative Leads: Brandon Schebler, Tina Shaw, Spencer King (video), Carlos Aviles Orr (COD Branding), and Raven Cruz-Fadden (Art Direction)
Story Team: Cory Byam, Rachel Jandak, Kaylee Barnes
Production Designers: Henry Zurawski, Kyle Lescarbeau, Raven Cruz-Fadden
Motion & GFX: Miguel Monteagudo, Kate Park,
Brad Mandas, Brandon Russ
Original Illustrations & Logo: Raven Cruz-Fadden
and Kyle Lescarbeau

Ink sampling of street–style, handwritten lyrics to be used in the final video cut. Sketching, inking and some post-work coloring with effects were created using an Apple iPad Pro and Pencil in conjunction with the Procreate App. Using my prior knowledge of street lettering and some stylistic research, this hard-edged style was created from scratch specifically for this project.
Hand-lettered sketch proposal for the lyric "In the real world, these just people with ideas..." from the well-known track "Bigger Than Hip Hop" by Ded Prez. To give the video a bespoke and uniquely street feel, we proposed multiple non-computer generated sketches for the initial pitch. Created in Procreate on in-game capture provided by studio and the GFX teams.
Concept sketches for further in–game art and decoration to add a graffiti flare throughout the newest available map during the 50th celebration. Nods to internal team members, Call of Duty, and the Hip Hop artists themselves can be seen throughout the environments. Created in Procreate on in-game capture provided by studio and the GFX teams.
Image by Detonated
Online marketing to assist in promoting our featured artist's music and in-game items that are currently available. This particular asset showcases an internally created logo lockup that took the collaboration of multiple team from different departments within the company. Bespoke illustrative icons for our featured Hip Hop artists are displayed prominently as playlist art for each while in-game promotion for the Snoop Dogg Tracer Pack rests on the bottom right.
In–game marketing to reiterate the celebration and provide incentives for consumers of the Call of Duty franchise. In slot 1 we show an illustrated-style vinyl deck, representing 21 Savage, golden microphone in slot 2 for Nicki Manaj, and Crip-colored headphones to represent Snoop Dogg. Above rests the inverse version of our internally created celebration logo created for dark-colored backgrounds suck as this in-game pop-up.
In-game screen capture of the Doggfather himself in his well-known Cadillac DeVille with world famous Call of Duty franchise character, Captain Price.
Original concept illustrations created in Procreate app using an Apple iPad pro and Apple Pencil. From top left: Snoop with ligature O's and pawprints, "Yeaaahh!" for a proposed artist, vinyl decks for 21 Savage, and DJ-style headphones for Snoop Dogg.
Icon and texture illustrations for in–game use. Players use icons to highlight their player within the game's lobyroom. From top left: Boombox with thematic burner-style graffiti for texture, anthropomorphic microphone with bowtie for Nicki Minaj with burner-style graffiti for texture, and further burner-style graffiti lettering for texture. Marketing assets needed to be made from scratch for this project which gave us the perfect opportunity to be creative and out of the norm of the main Call of Duty franchise. 

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