These projects are Activision property. I do not own the rights to any of the materials in these projects. The imagery on this page is purely for demonstrative use only.
Creative Leads: Todd Pruyn, Alyssa Homan
Creative Direction: Alyssa Homan, Eddy Densow, Raven Cruz-Fadden
Production Designers: Alyssa Homan, Eddy Densow, Kim Loya, Jaclyn Jessup, Ash Holcomb, Raven Cruz-Fadden
Our team created supporting graphics for Tony Hawk's video game social media page. Everything ranging from Skater's birthday shoutouts, awards for the game, Skater bios, weekly giveaway contests and more. The duration of our support lasted about 2 years after the games' initial release which garner interest from fans and newbies alike. To keep the campaign cohesive, the team researched the game and pulled various screenshots and textures to ensure 100% authenticity and relatability. Some textures and illustrations were even created from scratch by multiple talented artists on our team.
This Instagram Stories concept was based off a brief given to our team from stakeholders. Initially they requested to just show stickers on a skateboard, but we wanted to expand the concept and use the Tony Hawk stories as a way to tease the initial release of the game. Through each frame you can see we're slowly building a skate deck by adding trucks then customizing with stickers and ending with the call to action. Once the deck was built, the final call to action shows the deck fully complete, supporting a physical copy of the game. On each corner of the frame we've included a little easter egg showcasing the designer of the freebie fingerboard we were giving away as an incentive for game pre-orders.

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