A family-friendly event hosted at the Skateboarding Hall of Fame located in Simi Valley, California. The event included live performances by Band-X and pro skater, Bryce Wettstein, original art pieces by over 30+ various local and skate artists, photography, bonsai care, retail shops, and more. Dates for this event started February 3rd, 2024 and has since been extended to April 20th before migrating to Las Vegas, Nevada. On the right, SHoF owner Todd Hubert.
Along with fellow artists, Chrispybmp, Kriticz, Matt Lorentz, Robert Maldonado, and Padre Libre, we hosted a two-day long event with waves of people ready to learn and be inspired by the multiple classes, demonstrations and art pieces within the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.
A total of four original pieces were created by myself for the show, with one spanning 3x4 feet tall. 

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