These projects are Activision property. I do not own the rights to any of the materials in these projects. The imagery on this page is purely for demonstrative use only.
First: Official Activision Blizzard Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 promotional and game keyart used throughout the entire game's marketing campaign. Different elements of the keyart could be moved depending on the marketing asset's needs.
Second: Original Neversoft x Activision Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Pro Skater 2 packshots from the initial PlayStation™ release. These original keyart files were primarily flat and limited in it's customization. Since then, the team has adapted to a more flexible keyart approach to ensure multiple marketing assets across the board were not hindered (file size, dpi, color mode, etc.)
Creative Lead: Todd Pruyn
Production Designers: Alyssa Homan, Eddy Densow, Kim Loya, Jaclyn Jessup, Ash Holcomb, Raven Cruz-Fadden
Motion & GFX: Brandon Schebler, Spencer King, Brandon Russ
Original Illustrations & Textures: Raven Cruz-Fadden
During this campaign, our responsibility involved generating a diverse range of assets within the constraints of a concise style guide, requiring intentional and innovative creative development. Our team created everything from cross-brand promotions (GameStop), CRM emailers, video trailers and more.
PlayStation™ dashboard graphics that work in tandem with their predetermined UI. Templates for graphic placement were provided by Sony directly to ensure cohesion across the console's dynamic dashboard branding. Prices, descriptions, logos and video placement are taken into consideration to ensure game keyart remains unobstructed from consumer view. First: IP keyart without safe-areas obstructing your view. Second: Sony-approved safe area placements of UI and marketing elements that may obstruct key art. Last: A mock-up overview of how the key art will be displayed within the PlayStation™ dashboard.
Social concepts and promotional items to aid in showcasing the range of items available for players. Conception of marketing ideas within our team ranged from 1 month to 1 day depending on the urgency of the item or mode we were trying to promote. This meant further in-game research and thinking quickly on our feet to provide the best possible options that still felt as though they were in-brand and part of the game. Many assets for the Tony Hawk IP were created by the team and myself (shown above) in order to meet the demands of the game's short marketing timelines.
Other duties within our team included creating console packshots for GameStop store displays and launch. Though they seem simple, the work put behind these packages required a lot of cross-team collaboration as well as precision with typpography and layout due to the legal nature of the information provided. Consumers use the game's packshots as a point of reference for what will be in the game and how it will play, versus publishers and studios who use them as a guide for who worked on the game.
Further in-game (Call of Duty) and web ( promotions for upgraded game versions, physical products, in-game character skins and more. Our team collaborated with the marketing team for Tony Hawk in conjunction with GameStop to ensure the marketing messages were clear and concise.

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