These projects are Activision property. I do not own the rights to any of the materials in these projects. The imagery on this page is purely for demonstrative use only
Activision Marketing Creative Team
Lead/Art Director: Oz DeLeon
Production Designers: Carlos Aviles Orr, Lindsay Evans, Nick Echiverria, Brian Wilson, Leslie Soto & Raven Cruz-Fadden
Stockphoto by SenivPetro
Modern Warfare launch party chalk wall. Creation and concept by Raven Cruz-Fadden. Inspired by Modern Warfare 2019 marketing assets. Assisted by Nick Echiverria.
Photo by NapalmSticks2Kidz
Activision 40th Anniversary in-game calltags. Created using Adobe Illustrator and retro Activision Atari game art.
Sponsor branded, in-game, animated calling card and equipable character watches.

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